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I want to first start by thanking everyone who has contributed in making this company a success till this point in time. I want to say big thank you also to Our sponsors and prospective sponsor as well as my Co-Founders, without you guys we wont be where we are today. TECECORP is an IT company which has come to help and sensitized the population on the importance of technology in eradicating poverty and unemployment. with technology all you need is the mindset and your laptop and some knowledge of coding(with access to internet too), you are good to go. TECECORP is there to help the population achieve this in Cameroon for a start. please help us achieve this great dream. Thank you once more for all the support.

Cheif Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer
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Djoumkam Morin

Marketing Director
Ngobesing Lionel

Ngobesing Lionel

Chief Technology Officer

Ricardo Gomez

HR Manager
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