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New Job

At TECECORP™, We look at solving unemployment as measure way of solving and increasing the leaving standard and lively hood of young Cameroonians. how ever today, we are announcing recruitment of 6 programmers. and please take note of the particular field mentioned as you read across, You should be versed with Google APIs, Angular JS, Craft CMS and PHP, App Development, Web Developer, Full stack Developer, Please send your CV to and to know more about the job visit the job page.

Scam,Fraud Alert.

With all the recent scamming and all that TECECORP™ is putting in place some strategies where her customers wont be hurt or taken by surprise by all these fraudulent guys out there. If any one present him or her self to you as a member or an affiliate of TECECORP the person has to show you a batch And/or referral code. Only one person is entitled to a referral code. If you receive an email claiming to be us and the email does not carry the SITES domain name, know its not from our server, so you are working at your own risk so be careful. click here for more


We openingly denying some certain things to keep our relationship with our users to be a good one. At TECECORP™ Every mail that comes from us carry our domain name(example of our domain names are, if you receive any mail without our domain name please either report it to our web department through or dont reply to the Email because you are dealing at your own risk. click here for more

Facing Unemployment

TECECORP Has as one of its obligation to eradicate employment as much as it can. there are two ways of thinking in life, either you think as an employee or an employer fortunately or unfortunately you must fall one a side. TECECORP calls upon the youths of Cameroon most especially to think like employers, like people who wants to help others and create more jobs for others as well. with this we have a social responsibility to better someone elses life and make things less easier for them like it will normally be. lets be great thinkers and working towards being employers rather than being employees. to get started visit this page or join our whatsapp forum

I am a yellow box

TECECORP being an IT has come to know the unlimited and many opportunities one can be exposed in our day to day surfing of the internet. while we surf the internet lets focus on the vital stuffs and not just entertainment at large. we also encourage new programmers coming into the industry to look at possible problems in the society and look for means of solving. we are made made or remembered by the solutions we make into our community.

Abazonia crises

TECECORP is for the smooth running of the Cameroon economy as well as the safety of Cameroonian citizens. these southern Cameron has fight has taken long with all the confrontations between armies and citizens and the security force of ambazians all the rest with has led to more insecurity in the Southern and Northern of Cameroon. this had led to the Growth of other regions in Cameroon other than the Southern and Northern Cameroon, it has also made students cant go to school freely and that’s vital issue for a youths life. please we call upon a peace measure to resolve this issue rather than killing and stopping others from enjoying their human rights as human being #peacetececorp.

I am a grey box

TECECORP has a social responsibility to Cameroon and her citizens. there will be summer camp for those who love computer and will like to know more about it. The program will take place every summer holiday and the place will be decided by the parents of the attendees this kind of program is Basically organized for such pupils. its focus is to encourage young enthusiastic youths to grow up with the knowledge of programming and how they can solve certain problems in the society with such knowledge.

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