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We are in need of finance and funding so we will really appreciate any gesture that is made towards to our social responsibility activities and responsibilities.

REASON FOR DONATION: To meet our social responsibilities due to financial constrains and more volunteers to take care of.

WHAT IS OUR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIESTECECORP was founded with the main vision of promoting technology in Cameroon at a very low and affordable cost and also with the notion of removing the young youths from the street upon graduation. Cameron faces a very high rate of unemployment and the youths are waiting for the government to create and provide jobs for them, looking at the economic situation and standard of Cameroon that is almost to not true and it will stay that way for a long time. the old keep staying in power and jobs and not wanting to retire for the young to take charge of the affairs of the government or a job where livelihood can be possible and giving hope to the hopeless. So TECECORP has come as a company that will provide employment to young graduates despite your professional experience we know we are going to have a place in TECECORP. either as a professional intern or student intern. KNOW MORE


 We do accept payment through bank transfers. you can use the information below to donate in our account.



We accept donations through MTN mobile mobile money with the number 674752333 by the name BOBBY KELLY

 We accept donations through pay pal with the address


 We accept donations through Bitcoin as well

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