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Chief Executive Officer

Bobby Kelly is the Principal founder Of tech empire corporation is an Easy going person, loves browsing, video games, online researches and coding as well. He is full with spirit of positive and also a dynamic thinker.

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Djoumkam Morin

Marketing Director

Djoumkam Morin one of the Co Founders of Tech Empire Corporation is a fun guy to be with. and he is in charge of the of the marketing department in the company and he is best at what he does.

Ngobesing Lionel

Ngobesing Lionel

Chief Technology Officer

Ngobesing Lionel, one of the Co Founders of Tech Empire Corporation is a very hardworking guy and serious guy. Nonetheless,  he is a jovial person, good team worker, highly interested in the world of technology, an outstanding programmer and loves working with networks.

Ricardo Gomez

HR Manager

James Smith

Chief Financial Officer
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